Notebook Reviews: DEEP RISING

4 out of 5 stars

Stephen Sommers – 1998. 

Writer/director Stephen Sommers delivers a gloriously wonderful B-movie in the shape of Deep Rising. Part Poseidon Adventure and part Aliens, Sommers’ film is an absolute hoot from start to finish.

Treat Williams and Famke Janssen lead a game cast in this action/sci-fi monster mash-up which also includes Anthony Heald (sleazy as always), Wes Studi, and Jason Flemyng. Sure, Sommers’ film ‘borrows’ liberally from other movies, but he has the skill to pull it off with such panache. Sommers would go on to make The Mummy after this – but Deep Rising is much, much better. 

Deep Rising doesn’t aim to do anything other than entertain – and it does that in spades. I dare you not to enjoy yourself!