Notebook Reviews: BATMAN FOREVER

3.5 out of 5 stars

Joel Schumacher – 1995. 

Batman Forever sees Joel Schumacher taking over the directing reins of the Batman franchise from Tim Burton. This is an enjoyable entry, but it lacks the dark brooding nature of Burton’s films. Batman Forever is a little brighter and a little more child-friendly, but it’s energetic and very, very stylish. 

Val Kilmer is excellent as Batman/Bruce Wayne and he brings a dash of suave playboy style to the character – something which wasn’t present in Michael Keaton‘s turn as The Dark Knight. Chris O’Donnell manages to successfully update Robin – The Boy Wonder, while Jim Carey and Tommy Lee Jones appear to have a hoot playing The Riddler and Two Face.

It’s no masterpiece, but Batman Forever is hugely entertaining.