Nosferatu Is Back! Behind The Scenes Images Of MIMESIS: SYMPHONY OF HORROR

Movies In Focus was a big fan of Douglas Schulze’s Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead when I saw it back in 2012 (God, was that really five years ago?). The film riffed on horror movies, particularly Night of the Living Dead and it cleverly used the fact its rights are in the public domain to craft a film which is something of a remake and a whole new horror beast. (Go read my original review to find out more).

I interviewed Schulze at the time (read it here) and he said that a sequel would focus on the iconic vampire film Nosferatu – and it looks like he was true to his word, because Mimesis 2 is now shooting. Subtitled A Symphony of Horror, the sequel which is produced by CinerG features Allen Maldonado (of ABC’s Black-ish) and newcomer Julie Kline in key roles.

Here’s a selection of behind-the-scenes photographs from the film which display some very interesting imagery.

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Source: Douglas Schulze

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