NO TIME TO DIE – The Teaser For The New 007 Trailer

A glamorous woman (Ana de Armas). An Aston Martin DB5. Daniel Craig in a tuxedo. Stunts. Action. We’ve got the teaser trailer for the Cary Fukunaga’s new 007 adventure, No Time To Die. It’s the 25th James Bond adventure

Movies In Focus has the feeling that this might be Craig’s great James Bond movie. I’m on record as saying that each Daniel Craig Bond is better than the last and I hope this continues trend. 

Random tale – I once saw an Aston Martin DB5 in real life. It was parked in the multi-story carpark in Derry City’s Foyleside shopping centre, maybe in 1997. A far cry from the world of James Bond. It looked beautiful. 

Anyway, I can’t wait for No Time To Die – and its trailer. 

No Time To Die opens in the UK on 3 April 2020