No More Filming For Bruce Willis! Die Hard Star To Use Deepfake Tech For New Advert

At this point in his career Bruce Willis is well known for making movies where he spends a couple of days on set (if that) and then collecting $1 million a day for the pleasure. A lot of his scenes are filmed using doubles for shots in long distance or over-the-shoulder/behind his head. If you’re curious about this, then you can see the likes of Midnight In The Switchgrass, Out Of Death, Cosmic Sin, Breach and Hard Kill for reference. 

However, it now looks like Willis doesn’t even have to show-up on set anymore! 

Allegedly, Willis has “shot” a series of ads for a Russian mobile phone carrier by licensing a deepfake of himself. The Die Hard star didn’t even do a photoshoot for reference purposes – because the creators used his movies for reference points. 

If this is true then it looks like Bruce Willis is now going to do even less work than ever – and it’s likely that this will potentially become the future of filmmaking for a lot of actors who want to take it easy and just count the cash from their own homes. 

Michael Idov via Will Leitch