No More BATMAN For Ben Affleck?

I genuinely don’t want this to be true – but it looks like Ben Affleck might be done with Batman.

I’ve been championing Ben Affleck as Batman since 1998 (yep, that long!)  – so I was pretty stoked when he snagged the role a few years back. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice wasn’t loved by many (Movies In Focus was a fan) and I dug Suicide Squad (check out the review) but it appears Affleck perhaps is tired of taking the flack for the bad press of the burgeoning DC Comics Cinematic Universe.

Affleck recently dropped out of helming (and potentially writing) The Batman, with an offer going out to director Matt Reeves and now John Campea is reporting three sources have allegedly said he wants out of his Batman contract stating (via Playlist):

“Ben Affleck, make no mistake, he wants out. He doesn’t want to be Batman anymore.”


”Affleck is in active discussions with Warner Bros. to remove himself from his DCEU deal which includes The Batman movie tentatively scheduled for 2019. However, if a deal cannot be reached in time, this solo outing will be the last appearance Affleck makes as the character.”

Campea says we should take the rumour with a ‘grain of salt’ – but this doesn’t look good. Somewhere Armie Hammer is waiting by his telephone.

Source: The Playlist

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