No IRON MAN 4 For Robert Downey Jr; He’s Getting $40 Million For CAPTAIN AMERICA 3


Robert Downey Jr has been talking a lot about Iron Man while doing the publicity for his latest (and non Marvel) movie The Judge. He’s been talking about his contract (which is nearly up) and how his Tony Stark/Iron Man character can be used within the expanded Marvel universe. Everyone thought that he’d be appearing in Iron Man 4, but nope – he’s snagged $40 million (plus extras) for co-starring opposite Chris Evans in Captain America 3 (rumoured to be titled Captain America: Civil War).

According to Variety:

“(The) plot will pit Stark against Captain America’s alter-ego Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, as they feud over the Superhero Registration Act, which forces anyone with superhuman abilities to reveal their identities to the U.S. government and agree to act as a police force for the authorities.

Stark supports the program, but Rogers does not, saying it threatens civil liberties, causing sides to be taken and Rogers, among others, to go on the run to avoid arrest. The moral question and battle with his Avengers teammate essentially makes Stark a villain of sorts in ‘Captain America 3’, providing Downey with a meaty role he could play out into future Marvel films, including a fourth ‘Avengers’.”

Marvel are notoriously tight when it comes to paying actors and the studio originally wanted to limit Downey’s work to just three weeks – but the actor wanted expanded screen time and more cash. He got it.

Downey scored $50 million for The Avengers and $75 million for Iron Man 3, but now he’ll bank $40 million up front (a record) and receive back-end participation. He’ll also get a bonus if the film grosses more than Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s $714 million worldwide take, the belief being that his appearance will have helped it make more money.

It is believed that Robert Downey Jr has made nearly $300 million from his Marvel appearances and it looks like there’s much more to come. That might be a good thing, because The Judge just opened to poor reviews and a disappointing $13.3 million weekend.

Now all we need is for Mel Gibson to direct Iron Man 4

Source: Variety