Nicole Kidman Is Set To Play A 32 Year Old Grace Kelly – Bad Idea


Charisma-free actress Nicole Kidman looks set to play movie star Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco, a film which is set to be directed by La Vie en rose’s Oliver Dahan. The words ‘terrible’ and ‘idea’ spring to mind.

According to THR: “Monaco isn’t a biopic and instead focuses on a six month period in 1962 when the city-state got into a heated dispute with France, which grew tired of the petite principality being a tax haven. Kelly, still relatively new in her role as princess, manoeuvred behind the scenes to save Monaco from a coup.”

Kelly was 52 years old when she died in 1982; Kidman is 44 at the moment. No amount of plastic surgery or botox is going to make up that difference. The film, budgeted at $15 million is being compared to The King’s Speech. Oscar nods will probably be forthcoming, but that doesn’t make this a good idea.

Source: THR