New TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Trailer Ticks All The Right Boxes

Movies In Focus was seriously underwhelmed by the first trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate. It lacked cohesion, mojo and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And we won’t even talk about the music choice.

However, this new trailer for the James Cameron produced actioner ticks all the right boxes. It tells us more about what Tim Miller’s film is about and it shows-off some impressive action – something which was lacking in the previous trailer (which looked like the whole film took place on one stretch of highway). 

I like how Linda Hamilton gets to deliver the infamous ‘I’ll be back’ line. 

On a side note: As a life-long Terminator fan, even I don’t know how many films there are in the franchise without having to have a serious think and count them out on my fingers, 

The Trailer:

The Poster:

Terminator: Dark Fate is coming to UK cinemas 23rd October