New Poster For OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL; Is It A Cartoon?


Remember when Sam Raimi made low budget schlockers, before he turned to the darkside of bland big budget filmmaking? I don’t either, but I’m sure it wasn’t a fever dream. Anyway, the artist formally known as Sam Raimi, the director of The Evil Dead is now getting ready for the release of Oz The Great And Powerful. Here’s a new poster for the prequel to L. Frank Baum legendary tale, The Wizard of Oz (well, the film is legendary at least). I just have one question, is it a cartoon?

It sure looks like it from this new poster, although we all know that it’s not. I wonder how much of this poster was created in a computer – maybe 99%? The witch at the bottom is either Mila Kunis or Rachel Weisz. I’d bet on Weisz , (or some graphic artist’s interpretation of Weisz), but that’s a total guess . At least this new poster is a step up from the woefully bland teaser poster from July.

According to Yahoo:

“The new movie tells the story of how Oscar Diggs (James Franco) was carried off from Kansas in his hot-air balloon and eventually became the Wizard of the magical place long before Dorothy ever dropped in. Along the way, Oscar meets three alluring witches: Glinda (Michelle Williams), Theodora (Mila Kunis), and Evanora (Rachel Weisz). We know Glinda becomes the bubbly Good Witch, who will help Dorothy and her friends down the Yellow Brick Road.”


Oz The Great and Powerful will open on March 8, 2013.