New Clip From Nicolas Cage’s Horror-Thriller PAY THE GHOST


There’s something very special in every Nicolas Cage performance. He’s able to deliver a heightened reality that manages to capture a certain aspect of humanity that few actors can grasp. This seems to be on display in Cage’s new horror-thriller Pay The Ghost. Check out Cage’s desperation in the below clip.

Here’s the synopsis:

When English literature professor Mike Lawford’s (Nicolas Cage) takes his son Charlie (Jack Fulton) to a Halloween parade, Charlie mysteriously disappears.

A year later, Mike begins to see visions of his missing son and he suspects there’s a link between Charlie and hundreds of other missing children. As Mike begins to put the clues together, he uncovers something more terrifying than he ever imagined…


Pay The Ghost is out on DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 26th October 2015.