Never Ending Or Beginning On An Ever Spinning Reel: Trailer For MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL

The trailer for the Men In Black remake/reboot/rehash is here. Men In Black International opens up the action on an…er…international level and this time around Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson replace Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the lead roles.

The Smith and Jones combo was either cosmically too expensive too old and unhip to be considered for donning the shades once more. Hemsworth and Thompson have that down-with-the-kids vibe after all.

Liam Neeson is thrown in to add ‘gravitas’ and F.Gary Gray replaces Barry Sonnenfeld in the director’s chair.

This is what it is, I suppose. They’ll just keep churning these out with a different sheen every few years or so. You can’t keep a good franchise down.

Men In Black International opens in June 2019.