Netflix Renews HOUSE OF CARDS For Fourth Season; Hope For An Upswing In Quality


The first season of House Of Cards was stunning. The second was excellent but the third was very disappointing. I’m hoping for some major course-correction in the just announced season four. I enjoy watching Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood (you have to love those asides) and Robin Wright is great as his icy cold wife Claire.

Beau Willimon’s show is a classy affair but the last season felt a little cheaper. The visuals weren’t as slick and the script wasn’t as sharp. I wonder if it’s because perfectionist Executive Producer, David Fincher has taken his eye off the ball and turned his attention to other projects. I’m hoping there’s a serious quality upswing this time around. Having said that – it’s still better than 90% of other shows.

Shooting begins in Baltimore this summer – and the season could drop on Netflix smack-dab in the middle of the next US Presidential election. We live in interesting times.

House Of Cards is available on Netflix now – go watch it.

Source: Deadline