Self-Congratulation: CAPRICIOUS Makes Its Big Screen Debut: Check Out The Poster


Movies In Focus isn’t usually the place where I talk about my own film-making endeavours. However, I’m incredibly proud of Capricious and felt compelled to write a few words about it. It’s a short film that I wrote alongside Jordan Handford (who also directs) and it is due to screen at The Short Cinema Festival in Leicester’s Phoenix Cinema on Friday 26th August.

I don’t want to give too much away about Capricious before the premiere, but it has varying facets, incorporating drama and thriller elements to create something interesting and engaging. I’ve only seen a rough cut, though I’m genuinely impressed with both the cast and crew. They’ve managed to bring some of mine and Jordan’s words to life, through performance and technical achievements. I am proud of this film and those who made it – I hope it’s a great success.


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