Mothma Prophecies: Judi Dench Is Mon Mothma In The Latest STAR WARS Rumour


The latest rumour for Star Wars VII is that Dame Judi Dench is in the frame to play Mon Mothma, the Rebel Alliance big cheese from The Return of The Jedi.

This rumour is totally unsubstantiated and that probably means it’s totally untrue. It comes from a podcast on Full of Sith, a Star Wars fan site and the reason for its existence is probably because Dench looks like a bit like Caroline Blakiston, the actress who played the character in the 1983 movie (well, they share the similar hair).

It is possible Dench is set for the role; she’s not adverse to starring in action blockbusters – see the James Bond franchise and that other huge science fiction franchise – Riddick (sarcasm alert). Maybe Dench is on a one woman crusade to work with the entire cast of Cowboys and Aliens. You never know.

J.J. Abrams has stated that the script for Episode VII is complete, so we’ll find out soon enough as the film gets ready to shoot.

Source: Full of Sith


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