Money For Nothing: Watch A Deekpake Bruce Willis In A Russian Phone Advert

Movies In Focus told you that Bruce Willis had licensed his likeness for use in an advert for Russian phone carrier, MegaFon. The advert’s makers used deepfake technology to digitally place Willis’ face over that of a stand-in. Now you can watch the advert below. 

The advert, directed by Nobody helmer Ilya Naishuller riffs on Bruce Willis‘ action hero credentials and it sees the ‘actor’ teamed with Russian Comedian and TV host Azamat Musagaliyev. It’s apparently the first in a series of 15 which will see ‘Willis’ as a spy. 

Apparently, the star was paid $1-2 million for the gig – a nice payday for the actor who likes to get as much money for doing as little as possible. Willis usually scores $1 million for a day’s work on movies like Midnight In The Switchgrass, Out Of Death, Cosmic Sin, Breach and Hard Kill.

Here’s a look at Willis’ stand-in before the deepfake technology was applied:

Vasili Bolshakov, Director for Brand and Marketing Communications at MegaFon said:

“The image of [Bruce Willis’] ‘Die Hard’ character in the series will be created with the help of the face generation technology, which is based on neural network algorithms. To make this happen, the engineers of the Deepcake studio selected a large volume of photos and videos featuring the celebrity. They had 34,000 units of content which were used by the neural network to create the image of Bruce Willis’ character.”

Source: Russia Beyond