MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 Chooses To Accept A Summer 2015 Release Date


When movie release dates change, they’re usually pushed back. This is because the film in question needs additional work or because the studio feels it’s not good enough to perform in the original slot. It’s rare to see a release date moved forward by five months (especially into a prime summer slot) – but that’s what just happened with Mission: Impossible 5.

The Tom Cruise starrer has been moved forward from its December 2015 release date to 31 July, showing Paramount Pictures has high hopes for it. The last instalment in the franchise, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol received great reviews and was the highest grossing film in the near 20 year old spy series, scoring over $700 million globally.

A summer slot gives it a place to make a lot of dough (it opens against boxing drama Southpaw and the Point Break remake) – and it moves the Christopher McQuarrie directed film away from the box office behemoth that is sure to be Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Mission: Impossible 5 opens 31 July 2015.