Profile: Warren Beatty



Filmmaking genius Warren Beatty is one of Hollywood’s great movie stars, and he’s also an Academy Award winning director,writer and producer.

‘The Pro’ has many great movies under his belt and even his lesser efforts (like The Fortune with Jack Nicholson) are worth checking out. Having said that, as time has gone on, Beatty has become less and less prolific.

Top Beatty moments?

All of them really, but Reds, Bonnie and Clyde, Shampoo, Bulworth, Dick Tracy, The Parallax View and Heaven Can Wait and Bugsy should be top of the list, in any order you can get them. Let’s not forget the infamous mega-bombs Town and Country and Ishtar – two wonderful guilty pleasures, which are much (much) better than people would have you believe. Beatty has played the Hollywood game on his own terms since Bonnie and Clyde in 1967, using his clout to make moves he way that wanted to make them. These may not always have been successful, but they’ve all been interesting.

I’m still waiting in his Howard Hughes movie, which may or may not get made.