Michael Keaton Reunites With Tim Burton For DUMBO!


A live action version of Dumbo didn’t seem like an exciting prospect when it was first announced. However, the casting for the Tim Burton dirceed Disney flick got interesting with Eva Green, Danny DeVito and Colin Farrell joining the cast.

Now comes the news that Michael Keaton is set to join the cast – the first time he has worked with Tim Burton since Batman Returns in 1992. Before Johnny Depp, Keaton was Burton’s go-to leading man, starring in Beetlejuice, Batman and its sequel

This is the dope from Variety:

The original story followed an ostracized baby circus elephant who strives to achieve his full potential. If a deal closes, Keaton would play the man who acquirers the circus from DeVito’s character in order to exploit the lovable elephant and his mother.

I’ve been waiting a quarter of a century for this news.

Movies In Focus is now highly energised by Dumbo. Never thought I’d write that!

Source: Variety