Michael Keaton Becomes The Ghost With The Most In This Behind The Scenes Pic From BEETLEJUICE

Beetlejuice was a break-out film for Tim Burton and one which really put him on the map as a director (it got him the Batman gig). It’s a true gem of a movie, loaded with great moments and a wonderful score from Danny Elfman. It stars Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin as a recently diseased deceased couple who hate the new occupants of their home.

Michael Keaton steals the movie as Betelgeuse, the ‘ghost with the most’ and it’s hard to believe that he has so very little screen-time. It’s a showy role for sure, and one which illustrates the might of Keaton’s comic prowess. ‘Nice Fuckin’ Model!’

This behind the scenes image shows Keaton getting his character make-up applied for the 1988 release. 

Beetlejuice grossed $74 million at the US box office.