MediCinema And Vue Entertainment Bring Back INDIANA JONES


Cinematic charity MediCinema is joining forces with Vue Entertainment to bring the first three Indiana Jones films back to the big screen over the course of three weeks. There will also be a charity gala event in London’s West End on Sunday November 10 in aid of MediCinema. The charity works in UK hospitals and places of care to build state-of-the-art cinemas for patients, carers and families completely free of charge.

“The charity event will feature original props from the Indiana Jones movies, a themed food reception based on the exotic foods featured in the Indiana Jones 80s trilogy, and an auction of Indiana Jones memorabilia, before a showing of the uncut version of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The trilogy is returning to the big screen at Vue’s fully-digital cinemas, featuring state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, over three successive Tuesdays -Raiders of the Lost Ark Tuesday Nov 12, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Tuesday Nov 19, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Tuesday Nov 26 – with adult tickets costing just £5.”

Sounds like a great opportunity to see these masterful adventure films on the big screen. The Indiana Jones movies feature some of the best work by George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford – that’s not an easy feat.

Go and get your tickets now – they’re great movies and it’s a good cause.