McG Talks LETHAL WEAPON; Jordana Brewster Joins The Cast


Movies In Focus is on record as saying that a Lethal Weapon TV series is a bad idea. It’s happening though and now director McG has revealed his hopes, dreams and fears about rebooting the iconic movie franchise for the small screen:

“It’s extremely tough doing this. I’m thinking all the time about what is it Mel delivered and what is it Danny delivered. Richard Donner is someone I look up to tremendously. What did they do to create that magic and how can I adjust that and capture the essence of what it is, but make it new and work for today? I think [Phil] Lord and [Christopher] Miller do it so well. You see what they did with Jump Street, which was no gimme. I wouldn’t have believed that Fargo could ever live up to the film and it certainly did. I hope I get Lethal Weapon right or I’m going to feel sick about it for a very long time.”

Meanwhile, Jordan Brewster has been cast as Maureen Cahill, ‘a Los Angeles Police Department hostage negotiator and in-house therapist who works with traumatized cops’. This is a character that didn’t appear in the Lethal Weapon movies, but I get the feeling she’s an amalgamation of Mary Ellen Trainor’s exasperated Stephanie Woods and Rene Russo’s Lorna Cole. Expect her to be a love interest for the as-yet un-cast Martin Riggs.

Damon Wayans and Golden Brooks have already been cast as Roger and Trish Murtaugh, the roles played by Danny Glover and Darleene Love in the Richard Donner directed films.

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Source: Empire/Variety