Making A Female Version Of HIGH FIDELITY Is A Terrible Idea

What came first – the news of the all-female High Fidelity reboot or the misery?

High Fidelity really doesn’t need to be remade from a woman’s perspective. Stephen Frear’s film (and source material by Nick Hornby) was perfectly good from a man’s point of view – and that was essentially the whole purpose of it – being a man. Like it or not, it looks, we’re getting a new female-focused series which will be using the Cusack classic as inspiration. Scott Rosenberg, who ‘apparently’ co-wrote the movie (see below) will produce alongside Jeff Pinkner, Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec.

Released in 2000, the John Cusack starring pic hit all the right notes, had a killer soundtrack and worked on just about every level (it even had a Bruce Springsteen cameo) and it even launched Jack Black’s career.

Here’s the dope on the show (which is being developed for Disney’s direct-to-consumer service) from Deadline

‘Written by Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka, the High Fidelity TV series is described as a departure from the book and the movie while still capturing the romantic comedy and authentic spirit of the original source materials. I hear it centers on a record store owner — a female take on the character played in the movie by Cusack —  talking straight to the camera as she chronicles past relationships.’

Some books and films can be switched for gender reasons – I have no problem with an all-female Ghostbusters, a (Wo)Men In Black or anything which is malleable character-wise . If you want a something like High Fidelity from a female perspective – why not just be creative and write something original? We don’t need a male version of Bridget Jones’ Diary (probably the closest thing you’ll get to High Fidleity) or an all male Pride And Prejudice.

Anyway, it seems that John Cusack isn’t too thrilled about the idea either?

Keep reading Movies In Focus for my continued gripes about this as it develops.

Source: Deadline