Make My Horror Movie: Paul Campion And Brian Keene’s KILL WHITEY


Make My Horror Movie (MMHM) offers filmmakers the opportunity to get $200,000 to fund their movie. It’s a great competition zone, and director Paul Campion and writer Brian Keene have turned to it in order to make Kill Whitey.

What is Make My Horror Movie?

What this means to you is that anyone can easily enter MMHM. All you need to do is upload your movie idea with the following; a title, a logline, a poster and a synopsis. The entries then get culled down to a top 12 with a lot of help from social networking and a panel of industry types, who will then further reduce the 12 to 5. These 5 will face off for the final prize of taking their idea from the page to the big screen.

Here’s Kill Whitey’s synopsis:

“When Larry and his friends visit a strip club, they think they’re in for the night of their lives. But when they leave, Larry finds Sondra, one of the strippers and the woman of his dreams hiding underneath his car, begging him to help her escape from her abusive boss Whitey Putin.

But when Whitey and his bouncers spot Sondra in the back of Larry’s car and shots are fired, Larry finds himself driving for his life. Hiding up back in his apartment, Sondra reveals she’s pregnant, and Larry finds out Whitey will torture and kill anyone to get her back, starting with Larry’s friends.

Now Larry and Sondra are on the run from the cops, Russian hit-men, and a seemingly invincible madman with a taste for human flesh. If Larry wants to survive the night, he’ll have to figure out how to kill Whitey. But Whitey may not be quite human, and he’s going to be very, very hard to kill.”

Campion’s The Devil’s Rock is a great little horror and he’s currently making an adaptation of Keene’s Dark Hollow. The pair appear to be enjoying collaborating, so it’ll be good to see the fruits of their labour.

Go and get involved.