LONDON HEIST Features A Heist, London And Cockney Geezers

Craig Fairbrass became a straight-to-video action star in the 1990s after starring opposite Sylvester Stallone in 1993’s Cliffhanger. He was like Jason Statham before ‘The Stath’ was even a twinkle in Guy Ritchie’s eye. Now he’s is back in London Heist. It’s about a heist…in London..where bad shit goes down. You know the drill.

James Cosmo, Steven Berkoff and Nick Moran co-star.

The trailer:

The synopsis:

Fairbrass is Jack Cregan, career criminal, family man and vicious armed robber, on a mission for revenge following his father’s brutal murder. The shattering revelations that follow force Jack to pull off one last dangerous robbery on his way to exacting a brutal revenge on all those involved.

London Heist is out on DVD and digital download on July 17, 2017