Let’s Have A Look At Joaquin Phoenix’s JOKER

I think we can all agree that we probably don’t need a Joker movie from Todd Phillips. We’re getting one – so we have to live with that. What makes this bitter pill easier to swallow is that Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the Crown Prince of Crime in the pic.

Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck (A.Fleck – is that some sort of Ben Affleck jibe, or just a coincidence?) in the film which apparently riffs on Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy. That’s film’s star Robert DeNiro joins Phoenix in this $55 million Batman-free crime drama.

Anyway, Phillips dropped the first image of a make-up free Phoenix from the film – but a couple of days later he let loose with the below make-up test. There’s obviously a hint of Heath Ledger here – but I’m also getting a touch of Cesar Romero. Am I mad  – or do you see it too?