LETHAL WEAPON: Clayne Crawford Is The New Mel Gibson


Clayne Crawford is the new Martin Riggs. Crawford has been cast as the lead in the TV reboot of Lethal Weapon, taking on the role made famous by Mel Gibson in Dick Donner’s seminal action franchise.

Movies In Focus is against the idea of a Lethal Weapon series, so it’s hard to get excited by this news. On the plus-side he’s 37 years old and not a 20 year old kid – so that shows McG and co. have some sense.

Damon Wayans is already onboard as Roger Murtaugh, the older cop who gets saddled with Crawford’s ‘Lethal Weapon’. Meanwhile, Kevin Rahm (Mad Men) has also joined the cast as Captain Avery, no doubt an updated version of Seve Kahan’s Captain Murphy, the exasperated boss of Riggs and Murtaugh.

I’d like to have hope for this – I really would.

Source: Variety