Stephen King, Jerry Bruckheimer, Bill Murray And Ethan Cohen – A Day For Talent


Maybe it’s prophecy, or just coincidence – but Stephen King (73) Jerry Bruckheimer (77), Bill Murray (70) and Ethan Cohen (63) were all born on the same date (21 September). That’s an impressive group of talent to share a birthday.

These men have different, but equally impressive talents. King is a hugely successful (and monumentally) prolific writer, Bruckheimer is Hollywood’s biggest producer and Murray is a wonderful eccentric actor who can straddle comedy and drama, while Cohen is a quirky and much loved writer/director.

These guys are still going strong, bringing their A-game and knocking-it out of the park. They aren’t spring chickens anymore, but they all illustrate that age isn’t a factor when it comes to good talent. Let’s hope they all keep going for many more years.

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