Kevin Smith: HIT SOMEBODY For TV; CLERKS 3 On The Way


Kevin Smith had been talking up his last film, hockey drama, Hit Somebody for quite some time. The New Jersey filmmaker has stated that he wanted to make on final film before retiring from filmmaking, and Hit Somebody was going to be his cinematic swansong. However, the script seems to have expanded (first it was one movie, then two) and Smith now plans to shoot the film as a miniseries (possibly for AMC), leaving a position open for his final film.

…enter Clerks 3.

Smith says that a second Clerks sequel is dependent on actor Jeff Anderson signing on to the film, but Clerks 3 would be a fitting bookend to Smith’s film career, which started in 1994 with Clerks. The film cost just $27, 000 and it went on to become a cult classic, grossing over $3 million and making a killing on video (remember those?) and DVD. Smith followed it up with $5 million sequel in 2004, which grossed over $26 million globally.

I like Kevin Smith’s work – even the much maligned Cop Out and Jersey Girl – although I was never a fan of Dogma. There seems to be a certain amount of (unfair) hate levelled at him these days, odd considering that he was one of the pioneers of independent cinema in the 90s. Sure, he may not be a master-craftsman like, say, David Fincher, but he makes films for a certain audience. His audience.

Consider me interested.

Source: Huffington Post