Objection! Kevin Costner Won’t Be Standing TRIAL For Amazon Prime Instant Video


It looked like Kevin Costner was pretty much a lock to star in Amazon Prime Instant Video’s Trial – but that now won’t be the case. Deadline reports that ‘after weeks of courtship and a week of negotiations’ Costner decided not to sign-on to the 10-part legal series from writer David E. Kelly.

Costner’s signing would have been a major coup for the studio (and the show) because he’s never starred in a television. A couple of years ago he told me why he had no interest in the medium:

‘I can’t do a part once a week. I need to sit with my lines almost a month before I do them. I don’t think I would do well on a series week-by-week, I don’t perform very well that way. Even when I tell people that they go, “Oh no you’ll be fine,” and I go, “No I won’t!”’

Trial is still in development and Amazon, Kelly and director David Semel are now looking for a new star – but it will be hard to snag one with the same gravitas as Kevin Costner.

Souce: Deadline