John McTiernan Is Back! Die Hard Director Set To Direct TAU CETI 4 Starring Uma Thurman

The mighty John Mc Tiernan will direct his first film since 2003’s Basic with Tau Ceti 4. Mc Tiernan wrote the script for the sci-actioner, which will star Uma Thurman and Travis Fimmel. The pic will be shopped at Cannes next week, but expect this to be picked-up because…well…it’s John Bloody Mc Tiernan, the man who gave us, Predator, Die Hard, The Hunt For Red October and The Thomas Crown Affair (amongst many others).

Here’s the synopsis:

Tau Ceti 4 takes place on the war-torn fourth planet in the remote Tau Ceti solar system, where three heavily armed strangers show up, size up the various oligarchs and military thugs who terrorise the place, and set about killing every single one of them. 

I’ve been hoping (praying) for a new Mc Tiernan film for years – so this is pretty cool news. He was a master at delivering action movies which worked within their own geographical settings, while also getting great performances from his stars. See Die Hard for evidence.

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Source: Screen Daily