John Krasinski To Play Tom Clancy’s JACK RYAN In New Amazon Series


John Krasinski is the new Jack Ryan. The former Office star will play Tom Clancy’s CIA Analyst in the new Amazon TV series. This Michael Bay produced series will have a new continuity from the movies which saw Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine take on the role. The new show will use Clancy’s books for inspiration, but except a lot of other new odds and ends thrown in too.

I can see Krasinski in the role (although I’m disappointed that the films franchise has been put to bed). He has the all-American thing going on and he showed he had action chops in Michael Bay’s recent 13 Hours. However, this will need to have some depth if it wants to compete with the rest of the quality TV hitting the ether these days.

Source Deadline