Joe Carnahan Drops DEATH WISH Remake; Didn’t Want Bruce Willis To Star


Joe Carnahan has jumped ship from MGM’s Death Wish remake.

The reason? The studio wanted Bruce Willis to headline the film, while Carnahan wanted someone who doesn’t have a background in action movies. The director wanted to cast an actor who would surprise audiences when he turns into a gun-wielding vigilante, while MGM wanted someone who would put bums on seats.

Carnahan is infamous for ditching projects over ‘creative differences’ – it’s a long list. He’ll probably move on to something else soon, but it will be interesting to see if MGM does indeed cast Willis in the remake of Michael Winner’s 1974 thriller. I do empathise with Carnahan. I like Bruce Willis, but casting him in Death Wish is just safe, uninspired casting.


Source: Deadline