Jason Statham Signs For Killer Shark Movie MEG

A film adaptation of Steve Alten’s killer shark tale Meg has been in and out of development for years. However, it looks like it might finally swim to screens now that tough guy Jason Statham has been cast in the flick which is set to be directed by Jon Turteltaub.

Alten’s book, Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror was first published in 1997 and Hollywood has attempted many times to adapt it, with Eli Roth and Jan De Bont having been attached to direct over the years, while it has also been bumped from studio to studio (Disney, New Line and now Warner Bros). The book sees a huge prehistoric shark terrorising the Pacific Coast in the US, but that’s been switched to China for financial reasons – you gotta get those Chines dollars!

I interviewed Steve Alten a few years ago about the film’s many troubles – something that you can read here.

We’ll see if Meg actually goes into production this time around.

Source: Variety