Jamie Dornan Is Coming Soon As Christian Grey in 50 SHADES OF GREY


Why do I keep talking about Fifty Shades of Grey? I think it’s because I can unleash a whole lot of puns and double entendres. It’s sure as hell not because I think the film will be any good. Anyway, it has now been confirmed that Irish actor/model/whatever Jamie Dornan will show-off his massive…talent opposite Dakota Johnson in a big screen adaptation of E.L James’ 50 Shades of Grey.

Dornan replaces Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, who realised that he didn’t want his life to turn into a Robert Pattinson-style circus. Pattinson was James’ first choice for the role of Christian Grey – but hey, this stuff did start out as Twilight fan-fiction.

Producer Mike De Luca said, “I feel like everyone has an idea of what these characters look like and sound like, so to present the world with fresh faces — where no pre-conceived notions or baggage come with it — is best. It’s like casting Superman or James Bond. A fresh face is appropriate”.

I’ll bypass the belief that De Luca believes that Grey has the…er…’staying power’ of Bond or Superman. This is erotic fiction for middle-aged women.

Fifty Shades of Grey starts shooting in November for a release in August 2014. I await the ‘coming soon’ poster with bated breath.