Get Ready For Terminator Genisys: James Cameron’s THE TERMINATOR Back On The Big Screen This Summer


Get ready for Terminator Genisys with the theatrical re-release of James Cameron’s The Terminator. The science fiction classic will be released on 1000 cinema screens in over 20 territories worldwide from 23 June 2015.

If you haven’t seen The Terminator on the big screen – then you must. Cameron’s film is a superb piece of filmmaking, tense and thrilling. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s turn as the unstoppable cyborg killer is perfection, while Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton also impress as Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor.

Some may go to this big screen return in order to understand how Cameron’s tech-noir fits into Alan Taylor’s franchise reboot. The new film sees Schwarzenegger return to the role of The Terminator, while Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke take over the roles of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. That film opens in July and it features many elements and plot threads from this 1984 film.

Here’s a new teaser trailer for The Terminator: