JAMES BOND Rumours Galore: Daniel Craig For LOGAN LUCKY; Is Tom Hiddleston In Negotiations?


Bond, James Bond. Just who will be uttering these immortal words when cameras roll on the 25th James Bond adventure? Reports suggest Daniel Craig is done with the role (despite apparently being offered $68 million for two movies), while the main thrust of current casting scuttlebutt is that Tom Hiddleston will be slipping into the super spy’s tuxedo for the next adventure.

Birth Movies Death is reporting Hiddleston is in negotiations for the role- but that nothing is set in stone. However, Deadline is also reporting Jamie Bell has met with Barbara Broccoli to discuss the part (a bad, bad choice). What shakes?

Hiddleston is hot-off a well regarded Bondian-style role in the TV adaptation of John LeCarre’s  The Night Manager and he’s currently the fan/tabloid favourite – but in Movies In Focus’ opinion, he’s got too slight a build and not enough machismo. But the main question is – is Daniel Craig really done with James Bond?

Sure, Craig made that ‘slash my wrists rather than doing another one comment’, but Spectre set up a lot of elements which make Craig’s return make sense – and he also has another film left on his contract. However, Craig is lining up a few projects that might make filming a Bond adventure unfeasible. Craig has joined the cast of Stephen Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky and he’s signed to two series of Purity, a new 20 episode arc based on Jonathan Franzen’s novel.

The Soderbergh project shouldn’t be an issue, as the director likes to shoot fast and loose but the schedule of Purity might be more problematic. However, a three or four year gap between Bond movies would make all this possible. By that time Craig would be 51 or 52 years old – still fit enough for Bond.

This is all rumour and speculation at the moment  and anything could happen between now and an official announcement. I’d like to see Craig come back for one more and then hand the role over, but we shall see.

Source: BirthMoviesDeath/ Deadline