It’s John Cusack Vs Jackie Chan In The Trailer For Historical Actioner DRAGON BLADE


I’m not sure anyone would have predicted that a $65 million historical action movie starring John Cusack, Jackie Chan and Adrien Brody would ever be made (it must be one of the oddest casting combinations of all time). If someone wanted it, they got their wish with Dragon Blade.

According to Variety:

‘Set in 206-220 A.D., the movie focuses on a key (fictional) battle between Rome and China’s Han Dynasty. It follows Chinese officer Chan, who’s framed and later enslaved, and Roman soldier John Cusack, who escapes to China after rescuing the Prince. The two cross paths in the Western Desert.

Meanwhile, Adrien Brody plays general Tiberius as he leads the Roman army’s fight to control the Silk Road. Of course, the real Tiberius never orchestrated such an attack.’

This looks…interesting.

Dragon Blade opens in China on on 19 February 2015 – no US or UK release is set.

Source: Variety