It’s Crazy That ANT-MAN Had Creative Differences So Late In The Game


Maybe it’s just me – but I think it’s crazy that Edgar Wright has left Marvel’s Ant-Man over ‘creative differences’ so late in the game. Wright has been attached to the film as director and co-writer for the best part of a decade – and now Marvel has decided that it doesn’t like his vision. I find that very odd – surely these ‘script issues could have (and should have) been resolved a long time ago.

It again illustrates the reason why modern Hollywood filmmaking feels so much like the mass commercial product that it really is – the suits want to have a fiddle with the creative aspects. There’s no room for an auteur when you’re playing with the big boys. Remember the ‘70s people?

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to Ant-Man – but Wright could have given an adrenalin boost to the Marvel movies on a visual level – they all feel homogenised. Marvel will bring in someone it can toss about no doubt, but that will be Marvel’s loss. Can it still make a 2015 release?