It Looks Like Mel Gibson Is Going To Be Busy EVERY OTHER WEEKEND


The long awaited Mel Gibson career comeback is now in full flow. Blood Father has hit (and is hitting around the globe), Hacksaw Ridge is on the cusp of release, he’s shooting The Professor And The Madman in Dublin, planing to star in and direct the TV series The Barbary Coast and now he’s in negotiations to take a role in Every Other Weekend.

According to THR:

The script has a multigenerational-family storyline that centers on a father who has his son convinced he’s a CIA spy, but in actuality he works in the agency’s IT department. However, on a father-son trip in Paris, the two find themselves in a life-threatening adventure in which secrets are spilled.

Gibson will play the grandfather, who actually is a spy.

Benjamin Rocher will direct the film which SND is producing and fully financing.

This is one for Movies In Focus!

Source: THR

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