Interview: Sebastian Street And Simon Phillips Talk Working With Mark Hamill On AIRBORNE


British thriller Airborne recently had its world premiere at the British Independent Film FestivalMovies In Focus was on hand to speak to two of its stars Sebastian Street and Simon Phillips. The duo discussed the film and what it was like working with the legendary Star Wars actor Mark Hamill.
Sebastian Street

What was it about Airborne that attracted you to the project?

Well I had worked with some of the people before and thought that it sounded like a fun interesting film to be a part of, and obviously I got to work with Mark Hamill which was a dream come true. I mean I got to work with the man that is Luke Skywalker, it was brilliant and so was he-a true pro.

Did you think about being cheeky and asking him to sign something?

Well I have some prints of the original cells at home. All framed, and I really wanted to bring them in,but I’m so glad I didn’t as everyone else brought their stuff. So I was really glad that I wasn’t that guy.

How do you think audiences will react to Airborne?

Well I think it’s a fun jaunt, I hope they enjoy it. It’s not high drama but it should create a few shocks for the audience and some laughs.

What are you working on next?

I’m doing a heist movie which is like the British equivalent of Heat. I play an undercover cop in a meth lab, which has been a really interesting experience, but the film after that I can’t say the name of it but I’m playing the lead as a war veteran with a very high profile director. I really wish I could say more but my lips are sealed. But I’m very excited about it. When I can say more about it- I’ll let you know.

Simon Phillips

Do you feel independent films can compete with Hollywood?

I think the British independent scene and the independent scene in other countries, give Hollywood a run for its money-as long as we are making films that punch above our weight. We haven’t got $100 million to make a film, we only have around $1 million. They should be making a movie 100 times better than us-but you find most of the time we are still hot on their heals. That’s something which makes them want to up their game. Which is a win win for everyone involved

What was it like working with Mark Hamill?

Having him on board was a nightmare for me personally because I would stare at him a lot and people would say ‘Simon it’s your line’ . I was like ‘**** sorry, yes and can we please start again? ‘ But he was great to work with. It was a boyhood dream of mine. He is such a nice and talented guy it was a real honour.