I’m Okay With Lars Von Trier’s THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT

While I’m no supporter of Lars von Trier, I have to admit that his latest film, The House That Jack Built intrigues me (see the trailer below). The film, starring Matt Dillon as a serial killer premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and it was met with walkouts from critics at its first screening.

Von Trier is a provocateur first, and a filmmaker second and he revels in this sort of thing. Sure, the film might be violent (it apparently features all sorts of murder and torture) but I’m pretty sure it was designed to polarise audiences and piss-off critics.

Film critics walking out of screenings is nothing new, but doing it and making a scene is more about showing-off than it is about film criticism. You might not like the film, but hey, that’s the gig.

I’m looking forward to checking this one out at some point in the future,


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