I’m Not Sure That We Need A SUPERGIRL TV Series – But Here She Is In Costume

supergirl-first-lookWarner Bros./DC Comics are mining their library of superheroes and bringing them to the small screen in a fashion that mirrors what Marvel is doing on the big screen. The Flash, Green Arrow and Gotham are doing well in the ratings and now it’s Supergirl’s turn (following in the steps of the long-running Smallville).

Melissa Benoist is playing the second tier superhero, who according to lore is Superman’s Kryptonian cousin. The character was the focal point of a flop movie in 1984 that Helen Slater in the lead role with support from Peter O’Toole and Faye Dunaway. That movie was pretty bad and I don’t expect this series to be any better. I don’t think science fiction (or Superheroes) works on the small screen due to the limited budget and resources. The aforementioned DC heroes have failed to float my boat and I get the feeling this won’t be able to reverse that trend.

This new Supergirl series has Slater returning to the world of Krypton, along with former TV Superman Dean Cain and Calista Flockhart.


Source: Moviehole

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