I, FRANKENSTEIN Looks Like One Monster Of A Movie

Aaron Eckhart is a great actor – but I don’t think that even he can salvage I, Frankenstein (actually, I don’t think it – I know it). The film looks atrocious on almost every level (technically, story-wise etc). It’s a paycheck movie for Eckhart, and I don’t begrudge the man a payday. But he could have chosen something better than this – it makes the Underworld movies and Van Helsing look like high art – the CGI looks like it’s from the late ‘90s/early ‘00s.

The trailer for I, Frankenstein is one of the worst things I’ve had the displeasure of watching. I’ve never NOT wanted to see a movie more. This poster in no way changes that opinion – it’s incredibly busy.

Hollywood is marketing this film at brain-dead 14-year old artistic zombies, but they deserve much more than this. Would it hurt to sneak in some depth?

The movie’s tagline is: 200 years later, he’s still alive. Terrible


I, Frankenstein opens in January 2014

Source: Coming Soon