Hugh Jackman Tackles The Lost Boys In The First Trailer For Joe Wright’s PAN


Does the world really need another version of Peter Pan? Warner Bros seems to think so, pumping a lot of cash into Pan,  prequel tale which show Peter facing-off against Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard

Director Joe Wright brings some impressive visual flourish to the film, along with a very strong cast (Rooney Mara, Garret Hedlund and Amanda Seyfried support the man who is Wolverine).


It remains to be seen if this will add anything new to J.M Barrie’s tale, or if it will fail to capture the audience imagination like P.J. Hogan’s Peter Pan did in 2003 (was that really 11 years ago?) or even Steven Spielberg’s Hook.

Pan flies into UK cinemas on 17 July, 2015