Hollywood To Finally Remake Classic Silent Horror NOSFERATU – That’s Not Such A Bad Thing


Nosferatu is a stone cold horror classic – however the 1922 silent film is ripe for remaking. Only hardened cineastes will have seen F.W Murnau’s original silent film or Werner Herzog’s 1979 remake starring Klaus Kinski. The majority of moviegoers will never have seen this – they may know the iconography, but that’s it.

Murnau’s original German film is an undoubted classic (read the Movies In Focus review) and the look and feel have impacted horror cinema since its release. The film was an unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Stoker’s widow launched legal action against Murnau and many of the film’s negatives were destroyed as a result.

I’m all for this – there’s room for scope here and I’ve heard good things about writer-director Robert Eggers’ Sundance hit The Witch. Remaking a silent film is no bad thing but Eggers will need to rise to the challenge.

Extra value News:

2000’s Shadow Of The Vampire was a fictional retelling of the making of Murnau’s film. It starred Willem Dafoe as Max Shreck, the star of Murnau’s film. It supposes that Shreck really was a vampire.

Someone recently removed the skull from F.W. Murnau’s grave – waxy residue at the site has people believing it may have been related to the Occult.

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Source: Deadline