Behind The Scenes: Sean Connery & Director Russell Mulcahy On The Set Of HIGHLANDER

Without a doubt one of the finest cult films of the 1980s, Highlander is a wonderful action-fantasy romp that pretty much works on every level. Yes, it might be a little dated thirty years after its initial release but it’s a great product of its time, and nearly every element in Russell Mulcahy’s 1986 fantasy works –  it’s a close to perfection as any movie of this ilk can reach.

Highlander may have spawned four sequels and two television shows, an animated series and the constant threat of a remake. None of them matter though – because there can be only one – and that’s this cracking 1986 original. If you’ve never seen Highlander, go out and get it.

This image shows star Sean Connery and Russell Mulcahy dodging the Scottish rain on the set of the 1986 release. Highlander only grossed $5.9 million at the US office when it was released. 

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