Harvey Weinstein Jailed For 23 Years

Just weeks after he was found guilty of rape and sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison. If he serves the full sentence, the 67 year old disgraced producer and sexual predator will be 91 years old when he’s released. 

It could be argued that Weinstein is Hollywood’s greatest villain, a true beast and deviant who preyed on those who didn’t have a way of defending themselves. Dozens of women accused Weinstein of a multitude of vile crimes and he’s finally paying his dues. 

Weinstein was once one the of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, a man who effectively crafted the modern day awards campaign strategy. He was known as Harvey Scissorhands because he would often take films away from directors and recut them to suit his own desires.

Now he appears to be nothing more than a frail old convict gearing-up for a long prison stretch.