Get The Flock Out Of Here! Damon Wayans Cast As Roger Murtaugh In The LETHAL WEAPON TV Series


I hoped it would never happen – but casting for the new Lethal Weapon TV series has now snagged Damon Wayans for Roger Murtaugh, the role originated by Danny Glover in Richard Donner’s seminal 1987 actioner.

McG will direct the pilot that sees Wayans’ Murtaugh partnered with Texas cop and former Navy SEAL Martin Riggs. Murtaugh has recently suffered a “minor” heart attack and must avoid stress in his life. Things don’t go to plan when he’s partnered with the Lethal Weapon.

This isn’t the first time that Wayans has brushed against Shane Black material, as he starred opposite Bruce Willis in Tony Scott’s The Last Boy Scout back in 1991.

The Riggs role has yet to be cast – but nobody has the skill to replace Mel Gibson in the part. Mad Max: Fury Road was great, but it would have been at least 25% better if Gibson had been in it (sorry Tom Hardy).

Gibson and Danny Glover shared some great chemistry in the four Lethal Weapon movies and it will take a miracle to replicate that.

Source: THR