Get Ready To Fly With D.B. Cooper In SKYJACK


Director Will Gluck looks set to helm a screen adaptation of Geoffrey Gray’s novel Skyjack: The Hunt For D.B. Cooper.

According to Deadline: “The Skyjack novel is an action-comedy that follows the story of D.B. Cooper, who on November 24, 1971, hijacked a Boeing 727, demanded $200,000 and parachutes, and jumped out over the Pacific Northwest. He was never caught and hailed as a folk hero. The book tracks his story from the perspectives of three different people claiming to be him.”

The D.B. Cooper story is pretty phenomenal (read about it here), but I don’t think that an action-comedy is the way to go. In fact, the tale is so rich that it would make a heck of a television series – then again, what do I know? CBS Films is behind the Skyjack which is set to be scripted by Keith Bunin

Source: Deadline via Screen Rant

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